As you know, I love shaving and barbering. However, the only way to make a living shaving and barbering is if you know how to do sales, advertising, and customer service well. No one cares that you shave and give hair cuts if they don't even know you exist, and you can't give them exceptional customer service if they don't know to come to you. Thankfully, I got my start in selling as a kid. Here is my story.

As a kid, my school did fundraisers every year to raise money for various programs. We all had to sell items out of a catalogue. It was actually fun for me because it became a contest to see who could sell the most. Often, there would be some kind of incentive to sell the most, such as a cash prize of $100. That doesn't seem like a lot of money now, but as a kid, that was enough to light a fire under me and send me door to door begging the neighbors to purchase some cookie dough during our Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser or to purchase a candle for our candle fundraisers. These fundraisers turned me into a regular little salesman, and I'm glad, because it prepared me for my future career.

The fundraisers taught me more than sales though. They also taught me to be smart about my sales. I began making flyers advertising the fundraiser and hanging them on the utility poles around my neighborhood. This way, my neighbors would already know about the fundraiser when I would knock on their door, and often, I found that they were looking forward to getting their cookie dough since they weren't caught off guard. I found that my sales increased with advertising. Today, I use my advertising skills for my shaving and barbering. It looks a little different since I use Facebook and Google for advertising instead of printing flyers, but the same concepts still apply.

Taking care of my fundraiser customers also taught me customer service, which I used every day in my business. I know how to keep my customers happy and make them feel like a million bucks, which keeps them coming back.

Surprisingly, those fundraisers I though were silly as a kid did a lot more than just raise money for my school. They taught me life skills and business skills I would use for a lifetime. Who would have thought? If you're a teacher, you should


Clearly I have a passion for shaving.  It takes such a passion to make a website such as this.  I want to tell you a story about how I took my passion, got searching for home security system reviews and ended up getting the bold idea of opening my own barber shop!

So how does researching a wireless home security system result in wanting to open a barber shop? Fair question.  Let me feed you baby bird.

I've always had an affinity for art.  Well, I would call it art--others may call it doodling on the side of a convenience store fountain drink, but it was more than that to me!

From there, the creativity and expertise in execution that it took for barbers to place intricate designs on people's heads is something that always enamored me, even from an early age.

I would spend my college years going to class, then spending the rest of the day on the couch with my styrofoam cup and just doodle the rest of the day away.

To break up the monotony, I would take the occasional cigarette break and do a little researching on my phone--just like the rest of the world, I would assume, spends their down time from their down time.

A quick game of what I like to call YouTube schizophrenia, a game where you find a random video to watch by selecting 4 "related to" videos from the social media's sidebar and see where you end up.  As I'm sure you've guess, the alarm system is the rabbit hole I fell into.

I sat smoking, watching, as an old man bought the equipment for and installed himself a really nice alarm system that was integrated into his phone.  He had basically installed a multi-thousand dollar system for next to nothing and wasn't on the hook for a monthly monitoring fee because he held the reigns right there on his smartphone.

The video got my brain firing like it hadn't in years.  Not only did this old man flip the script on how I viewed the modern alarm system, but he also showed me that thinking outside the box can help you reap the rewards of your dreams--all you have to do is focus and execute.

I was then stuck with the conundrum of figuring how how I would take action on what I had just learned.

"I know, I'll start a business," I though to myself, "but how can I monetize my passion of aimlessly doodling on styrofoam soda cups?" I wondered.

Piece by piece and little by little, my dream began taking shape, and here I stand before you as a master barber who is certified by the state, and ready to help make your dream hair-do a reality!

It was small connections being made within my brain that helped me come to this realization slowly.  Because society is continually programming us to think, feel and act in certain ways, the first steps came in de-programming myself by finding  a passion that didn't involve a screen.

This allowed me to think in different ways, and allowed me to become comfortable with the fact that I could find success in doing something I loved to do and was passionate about.

I recommend you find the same in your life!

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Why Shave?     -     Tips & Tricks

Do you dread shaving?  Fear not, we're here to alleviate those concerns and give you some tips and tricks when it comes to shaving!

In the next post, we'll discuss how I took a passion to make myself a diy alarm system.

Two things to consider when shaving--what is your process? and what tools are you using?

Between refining your process and being picky about what you use to shave your face, you can achieve a nice, smooth finish without irritation or pain!

With shaving, you need to start with hot water to allow your skin to calm down, and also allow your hair to absorb some water and become more pliable; thus, being easier to shave.

Once you've rinsed your face off initially with the warm water, you can begin to prep your shaving cream and razor.  Most shaving creams instruct you to lather up by rubbing some cream between your fingers and blotting the shaving solution onto your face in the desired areas that you would like to shave.

Not only does the shaving cream give your skin all the essential nutrients and protection necessary to execute a clean shave without encountering razor burn or other resistance, but shaving cream also give you a great visual representation of where you have and have not shaved yet.

Once you've rinsed your face with warm water, opened the pores, saturated the hair and covered it with shaving cream--you're ready!

But not just any old blade will do!  And don't assume that the number of blades on a given razor is the end-all-be-all indicator of a good or bad blade.  In fact, many times manufacturers will just add more blades to their razors simply to increase the perceived value of their razor, while the added blades provide no real added value to the end consumer.

A proper razor blade should be sharp and can have a bit of lubricant on it as well to ensure the blades to simply scrape against the skin.  This lubricant is sometimes placed on the razor by the manufacturers, and sometimes is applied by your barber or yourself--whomever is doing the shaving!


Now that you've successfully prepared your face, your facial hair, as well as your tools, you are finally ready to get down to business and start your shave!

Take short stokes that move along with the grain of your hair.  Though common sense may lead you to believe that shaving against the grain is preferred when you want a close shave, you will more often than not pay for that decision with a substantial amount of razor burn--which is never fun!

Shave slow, precisely, and make sure not to go over the same area over and over without proper lubrication.

Throughout the entire process, be thinking of how your face feels and "listen to your body" so to speak to ensure that you're not putting yourself through undue duress.

Once you have completed your shaving, give your face one last rinse with warm water to clean off the remaining shaving cream and any lingering hairs that may have gotten trapped after shaving.

If you choose, apply an aftershave to help promote skin regeneration and also to moisturize as well.

Caution--if you've cut yourself during the shaving process, the aftershave can be a bit of a burn! Be careful!

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Why Shave?     -     Make it a Biz

Shaving is a necessary factor of life. The growth of facial hair may sometimes time make you look dull and unattractive. A few years back the social media went mad when women got to hold off shaving kits to shave the facial hair. For men, shaving is indeed necessary. If you do not love beard and moustache, then you will surely want the shaving kit to be your best friend. Shaving is important as it keeps you clean and attractive. Especially in the case of office meeting and conference you cannot think of growing hair on your face. So shaving is utterly important.


Facts Related To Facial Shaving

However for women, this might not be a good idea. Where men have to adapt a safe shaving process to ensure a good shave, women, on the other hand, should avoid this. There are various reasons for which women should not adopt this method. Some of the good and troubling facts of shaving are as follows:

  • Exfoliated Skin: For a woman shaving might result in an exfoliated skin. This feels same as scrubbing the face. This will always give an itchy and burning feeling to the skin. Shaving for women is almost equal to face scrubbing.
  • No Thicker Hair: There is a myth that says shaving hair leads to a growth of thicker and faster hair. Well, this is not at all true. If you believe in it, then you must stop believing it now. Neither waxing nor shaving causes your hair to grow faster or thicker.
  • Stubble: Chances of stubble are hundred percent if you are considering shaving. Shaving causes stubble on your face. This will definitely look bad. So you should not go for it unless it is necessary.  This will disrupt the quality of life. So it is always better to avoid it.
  • Good Makeup: One of the best parts of shaving for women is that your makeup will place right on your face after shaving. The makeup seems to sit right on the face after the shave. This is a great thing.

  • Ingrown Hair: Another bad effect of shaving is that there always remains a chance of having an ingrown hair. This makes it look like a pimple or acne and sometimes are painful. If you adapt shaving, you can have this problem.
  • Burning Sensation: The burning sensation is a very common factor of shaving.  You must make sure that your skin is not sensitive to razor burns. This factor often gets disturbing and problematic.
  • Shave Regularly: If you really want to adapt shaving, then you have to shave daily. Only daily shaving can make you look normal and attractive.  This is a very important factor which you must remember.

Beware Of Difficulties

These above-mentioned factors are some of the important factors that are related to facial shaving. You should know all these in order to consider it. You must be aware of all the drawbacks and difficulties.

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