My Story

As you know, I love shaving and barbering. However, the only way to make a living shaving and barbering is if you know how to do sales, advertising, and customer service well. No one cares that you shave and give hair cuts if they don't even know you exist, and you can't give them exceptional customer service if they don't know to come to you. Thankfully, I got my start in selling as a kid. Here is my story.

As a kid, my school did fundraisers every year to raise money for various programs. We all had to sell items out of a catalogue. It was actually fun for me because it became a contest to see who could sell the most. Often, there would be some kind of incentive to sell the most, such as a cash prize of $100. That doesn't seem like a lot of money now, but as a kid, that was enough to light a fire under me and send me door to door begging the neighbors to purchase some cookie dough during our Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser or to purchase a candle for our candle fundraisers. These fundraisers turned me into a regular little salesman, and I'm glad, because it prepared me for my future career.

The fundraisers taught me more than sales though. They also taught me to be smart about my sales. I began making flyers advertising the fundraiser and hanging them on the utility poles around my neighborhood. This way, my neighbors would already know about the fundraiser when I would knock on their door, and often, I found that they were looking forward to getting their cookie dough since they weren't caught off guard. I found that my sales increased with advertising. Today, I use my advertising skills for my shaving and barbering. It looks a little different since I use Facebook and Google for advertising instead of printing flyers, but the same concepts still apply.

Taking care of my fundraiser customers also taught me customer service, which I used every day in my business. I know how to keep my customers happy and make them feel like a million bucks, which keeps them coming back.

Surprisingly, those fundraisers I though were silly as a kid did a lot more than just raise money for my school. They taught me life skills and business skills I would use for a lifetime. Who would have thought? If you're a teacher, you should