Shaving Your Face—Why Do It?

Shaving is a necessary factor of life. The growth of facial hair may sometimes time make you look dull and unattractive. A few years back the social media went mad when women got to hold off shaving kits to shave the facial hair. For men, shaving is indeed necessary. If you do not love beard and moustache, then you will surely want the shaving kit to be your best friend. Shaving is important as it keeps you clean and attractive. Especially in the case of office meeting and conference you cannot think of growing hair on your face. So shaving is utterly important.


Facts Related To Facial Shaving

However for women, this might not be a good idea. Where men have to adapt a safe shaving process to ensure a good shave, women, on the other hand, should avoid this. There are various reasons for which women should not adopt this method. Some of the good and troubling facts of shaving are as follows:

  • Exfoliated Skin: For a woman shaving might result in an exfoliated skin. This feels same as scrubbing the face. This will always give an itchy and burning feeling to the skin. Shaving for women is almost equal to face scrubbing.
  • No Thicker Hair: There is a myth that says shaving hair leads to a growth of thicker and faster hair. Well, this is not at all true. If you believe in it, then you must stop believing it now. Neither waxing nor shaving causes your hair to grow faster or thicker.
  • Stubble: Chances of stubble are hundred percent if you are considering shaving. Shaving causes stubble on your face. This will definitely look bad. So you should not go for it unless it is necessary.  This will disrupt the quality of life. So it is always better to avoid it.
  • Good Makeup: One of the best parts of shaving for women is that your makeup will place right on your face after shaving. The makeup seems to sit right on the face after the shave. This is a great thing.

  • Ingrown Hair: Another bad effect of shaving is that there always remains a chance of having an ingrown hair. This makes it look like a pimple or acne and sometimes are painful. If you adapt shaving, you can have this problem.
  • Burning Sensation: The burning sensation is a very common factor of shaving.  You must make sure that your skin is not sensitive to razor burns. This factor often gets disturbing and problematic.
  • Shave Regularly: If you really want to adapt shaving, then you have to shave daily. Only daily shaving can make you look normal and attractive.  This is a very important factor which you must remember.

Beware Of Difficulties

These above-mentioned factors are some of the important factors that are related to facial shaving. You should know all these in order to consider it. You must be aware of all the drawbacks and difficulties.

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